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MoD poP ArT Furniture 2000  Portland Oregon                       




One of My Creations; A "Bettie Page" cabinet I designed from a 50's recycled kichen cabinet.  The inside, as well as the back is inlaid with black and white polka-dot fabric.  The chrome legs enhance the piece to give it a modern touch. Asking 375- Sold   I have another Bettie Page cabinet.  I'm also creating another one of her in pink. She is always in demand and why not. Did you know she spent some time in Portland! She had a place in the Northwest district then spent time in the Southeast studying at a Christian college before moving to L.A.
  • Let me create an original, signed, piece for your home or place of business. I can design using any piece of furniture, either yours or I can find a piece for you, I also ship out, If your intreated  having a custom piece made for you you can contact me,Pat Snyder at modpopart furniture@gmail.com 


Psychedelic Pink Cow
this piece was done in pink black and silver metallic using the beer method I perfected  giving it the unique textures that is my trademark.   The inside was done in pink and white pokadot fabric  asking 1200-
 "The Greatest Enemy of Art Is Good Taste"
    Marcel Dochamp


A one of -a-kind Bettie Page Art Deco Lamp!
Asking 250.00  signed

Hello, My name is Pat Snyder  creator  of  Mod Pop Art Furniture. I create unique one of a kind modern pop art furniture that is fun ,exciting, and bold, and has the nostalgia feel of the early modern movement. I liked to use recycled items that  have been discarded and may have gone into a landfill. Each piece is one of a kind. When you display my furniture each  piece pops out in such a way they always incite peoples curiosity The beauty of my pop art furniture is you can mix and match with any style of furnishings you  may have in your home or business. A lot of my furniture has been displayed in restaurants, bars, hotels, lobbies and even in a yacht. I paint each piece using vibrant, bright colors, and unique hand-painted oil paintings adhered to the front of the furniture. The inside of each piece is lined with beautiful  fabrics. I design and treat each piece of furniture as one of a kind art. My goal is to create items  into chic and stylish furniture while being more aware of preserving our environment!
Each piece of furniture is matched to a painting that fits its style and so does the fabric inside.  I try to add fun to functionality while bringing awareness to the need to recycle. 
 I can find and design a piece of Eco-Furniture for your home, office, or place of business with your choice of colors and paintings. Or I can even use your own pieces of furniture. The only thing I ask as an artist, I need to be able to turn loose on it and be creative. I have my own sources of Paintings from talented artists. I deal with Pop art, modern, realism, whatever you want. Sometimes I'm limited to what is available, but I always come up with something  that is one of a kind and amazing that you will enjoy.
Pat Snyder     
This was a beautiful  reproduction of the amazing Vargas that was bought for a yacht. It was done in metallic bronze paint.

The great Roy Lichtenstein wine cabinet. This is a beautiful black laquer cabinet  done in bold brite yellow,This piece POPS! For detail I like to attach belts to most of my pieces as my trademark. In this case I attached a yellow vinyl belt at the bottom and a black punk belt vertically. A half moon mirror was attached to the top and on The inside  I added wine racks, You can add the Pinot Noir! 
 Signed, asking 1500- Sold

   Check out this piece, it's amazing! I'm playing around with different textures and paints. Its made from a recycled 50s kitchen cabinet painted in a burnt orange color than antiqued. The inside is lined with a glamorous printed Indian cotton. The legs are made from chrome towel racks. I'm asking 1200 Sold  Signed. If you interested in my art furniture you can contact  Pat Snyder www.modpopartfurniture.com
             Heavy Metal Pitbull. painted in silver Metallic with Studs and leather belts. Lined with  skull and roses fabric~Signed $1200.00
 Jaguar Tapestry Cabinet In Bronze~signed $350.00
 Save the planet  RECYCLE!
  I attached a aluminum  wine rack cut in half and attached to the  sides of this particular cabinet to give it a 60's style to it!
I designed  this cabinet of  the great Muhammad  Ali  for  Li'l  Cooperstown sports bar located in the SW Waterfront district in Portland Or. I used an upcycled  60's kitchen cabinet painted in neon blue with a silver overlay. Inside was upholstered in brown crocodile vinyl. I can commission a piece for your home or business. You can email me at  modpopartfurniture@gmail.com Or call me at 503-953-2220 Asking1200-Signed
Metallic Beer Art by Pat
Downtown Portland
This is my art, I use  silver metallic oils as well as latex paint and beer! And yes, a good IPA in many layers and textures on top of a brightly colored base. The canvas is a 5X4 Cellulose material.  As I paint the moisture from the mixing of paints and beer create a wavy surface, this gives the paintings shadows and depth. All the supplies I use are again recycled. Then I hang the Paintings from curtain rods. Once hung, I use energy efficient colored LED lighting controlled by a remote control with choice of 16 different colors that reflect off the metallic paint; therefore creating a different  mood
Rainy Day IN Portland!
The Hawthone bridge
 Portland Towers Plaza And Keller Fountains
I was commission to paint  the Portland
Towers Plaza and the Beautiful Keller Fountain  together In Portland Or.  What I did  was take the two structures and blend them into one together.I brought the plaza building down into Keller fountain as if it was growing out like  tree  roots , then splashing into water over the fountain, It was done in reds, black and of course Metallic silvers and again beer. I hung it from a steel curtain rod and chains.The painting hangs in the  large hallway nineteen stories up The condo faces east overlooking downtown Portland and Faces  the beautiful  Willamette River. At night  when the lights are dim and Portland glows below  the painting personality comes out! When lit up, the painting comes alive  its magical and sexy!
If your interested  in my work call or email or stop down to my gallery, Dracula's Monkey in the SW Waterfront District
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